Youth from vulnerable groups face serious reproductive heath challenges. In the current environment, there is no structured way of exposing youth to reproductive health information and skills. To mitigate this, and in Partnership with World Population Foundation (WPF), KampaBits trains youths in an interactive youth friendly digital reproductive program dabbed the World Starts With Me (WSWM). It focuses on Basic ICT, youth reproductive health and rights, HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation among other skills that are critical to the youth. It is a very comprehensive with the following topics that address most of the issues that youth face in the process of growing up some of them are as follow;


  • Emotional Ups and Downs
  • Is Your Body Changing Too?
  • Friends and Relationships
  • Boys and Girls
  • Men and Women
  • Culture and our Lives
  • Fight for your Rights
  • Sexuality and Love
  • Pregnancy: 4 Girls and 4 Boys
  • Protect ourselves
  • STIs and HIV/AIDS
  • HIV/Aids: U have a role 2 play 2
  • Love shouldn’t hurt
  • Your Future
  • Dreams and Plans
  • My Top peer book and exhibition.