ICT for Youth Employability: Reducing vulnerability, improving self-reliance for vulnerable youth.

This training has helped many Kampabits alumni. The few alumni whom I know and see are doing well.” “If I had not come to Kampabits, I would still be on the street without a career”.

SuzzieMeet Susan Sitenda and Tongirwe Minallah Mustafa both Kampabits 2012 alumni and now Graphics designer and website developer respectively at the Kampabits design Agency (KDA). This is their story, about how far they have come as former beneficiary of ‘ICT for Youth Employability’.

MinoxBefore joining Kampabits youth empowerment project, Minallah was working with Nubian advocacy (a community based organization involved in advocacy for the Nubian minority ethnic group) doing community work. He had dropped out of secondary school for lack of school fees.

Minallah recounts how increasing responsibilities prompted him to leave Uganda, and head to South Sudan to look for work. “It was frustrating to see colleagues progressing in school, and I couldn’t.” “So I went to earn a living so that I could go back to school. I learnt how to drive and begun driving a taxi.

Susan had returned from Kenya where she had been studying. She had reached the final year of her advanced secondary school, sat final exam but was unable to obtain her results because she could not afford it. She returned to Uganda where she volunteered at KIFAD (a local community based organization that provides support to People Living with HIV) while also washing clothes for anyone who could afford to pay her a few shillings. “The little pay I received, I used to support myself and my mother.”

Susan’s showed much interest in computers. So at KIFAD she became a data entrant. “I wanted to learn computers, however I didn’t know anything about computers.” “I picked interest in graphics because everywhere I looked, graphics come first. One cannot construct a house before sketching it. So it is with products, events; they need graphics designed first.”

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