Do you want to volunteer at KampaBits?

Key objective;

  • To enhance the capacity development in the areas of training, innovation, creativity and administration.
  • To provide technical support to the KampaBits team.
  • To enhance cross cultural learning through exchanging skills in multimedia or other related fields.

The main objective of KampaBits establishing the volunteer-ship program is to help with facilitation of peer to peer learning and skills transfer which shall enable us to bridge the gaps that emerge in the dynamic field of ICT thus expanding our outreach by connection with experts through volunteer-ships. KampaBits team and the volunteers will get a chance to learn new skills while embracing diversity in many forms.

Currently we are looking for people who have the time, skills, passion and expertise in web and mobile technology with great emphasis on current ICT trends. To explore as many avenues as possible we are also open to accommodate other skills or expertise which is not mentioned…

So if you are visiting Uganda and you have some hours to tour the beautiful city of Kampala, you can share some hours by changing someone’s life through conducting a motivational or educational session at KampaBits.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
~Elizabeth Andrew


  • KampaBits alumni working in any multimedia company.
  • Local experts in ICT or related field.
  • International experts in ICT or related field.
  • College and Univesity students in ICT or related field.
  • Employees and employers of any ICT company or related field.
  • Potential / current partner organizations.
  • And any creative or innovative person either an artist, designer, programmer, photographer etc.

Contact us and tell us how you would like to support us. We are looking forward to your message!

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