Susan Sitenda

Susan Sitenda is a Kampabits 2012 alumni and now a graphic designer.

Before joining Kampabits youth empowerment project, Susan had returned from Kenya where she had been studying . She had reached the final year for her advanced secondary school, set final exam but was unable to obtain her results because she could not afford it. She returned to Uganda where she volunteered at KIFAD (a local community based organization that provide support to people Living with HIV)  while also washing clothes for anyone who could afford to pay her a few shillings. “The little pay I received, I used to support myself and my mother.”

Susan’s showed much interest in computers. So at KIFAD she became a data entrant. “I wanted to learn computers, however I didn’t know anything about computers.” “I picked interest in graphics because everywhere I looked, graphics come first. One cannot construct a house before sketching it. So it is with products, events; they need graphics designed first.” Susan was contacted by her CBOs and told her that Kampabits was recruiting. They applied through their CBO and were admitted into Kampabit’s yearlong youth empowerment project, “ICT for Youth employ ability”. The project empowers vulnerable youth with employable skills and connects them with potential employers. She speaks about how the skills she acquired has turned her life around. “After graduation, I got employed on Nasser road as a graphics designer” says Susan.


ICT for Youth employability’ compliments ICT skills with entrepreneurship skills, Sexual and reproductive health skills, and life skills. “I learnt Adobe suites programs in 2012. As a graphics designer at Kampabits design Agency, I am still using Adobe suites programs”, she says.

The ICT skills taught are both marketable and technical and often challenge some of the beneficiary. Susan says credit should go to her trainers for their diligence to help slow learners comprehend what is taught. “The trainers followed up with slow learners so that we were all on the same pace. They were there to make us understand in all situations.”

I want to own a graphics design and web hosting company so I can support disadvantaged people.