Empowering Youth through ICT

Kampabits leverages ICT to  give the youth from less previledged communities a chance to be employed.


Kampabits trains students in a number of ICT disciplines from the ground up (from Zero to Hero). The training is divided into three main levels:Level 1: Behind the screens, Level 2 and 3: Inside the Web


Life Skills

Youth from the vulnerable communities often lack the soft skills that are required to access and retain jobs in both the formal and non-formal sectors. Further still, the education system in Uganda doesn’t prioritize the teaching of ‘soft skills…

Sexual Reproductive Education

The risk of getting HIV/AIDs and early pregnacies among youths in the slums is high. At Kampabits we give the youth a way to avoid suc risks

Our Courses

Web Development

The course includes everything that’s required to fully grasp the fundamentals of web development.The course begins from zero and lifts the students to Junior Devs. From html to JavaScript, this course brings web-design and development to life

Graphics Designing

From Photoshop, to illustrator, this course is intended to give the students the ability to create computer generated art work that is needed in the work place. From logos to photo albums to poster and fliers the skill, the students will do all these on a proffesional level.

Motion Graphics

Animations, video editing , video capturing. This course covers the whole process of creating great animations, cutting and rendering videos, camera tricks and cinematography

Life Skills

This course is intended to give the youth the necessary skills to prevail in the work place. From communication to writing resumes to talking to clients to pitching ideas to marketing yourself, this course covers it all.  

What we stand for?

Transforming the lives of the youth in the unpreviledged places is what Kampabits stands for.

Happiness comes from acquiring a skill that you will gain from.

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